Rehab Journals!

Designed and created by Lauren to help with personal tracking, goal setting, accountability and motivation as well as to provide your treating healthcare professionals with all the information they require about your progress.

These include 12 weeks of daily journalling plus a week beginning and week review section.

  • $30 (plus postage)
  • $25 for current clients (plus postage)


  • Initial consult plus four week program $250
  • Subsequent four week program $150
  • Additional/ongoing physiotherapy/rehab consult $90
  • Nutrition initial consult plus diet plan/guidance $150
  • Combo rehab/coaching/nutrition four week plan $250

At the clinic:

  • Initial physiotherapy appointment $100
  • Physiotherapy review appointment $90  
  • Physiotherapy extended consult $130
  • Individual clinical pilates/strength and conditioning $100
  • Duo clinical pilates/strength and conditioning $50 each
  • Physio Bike Fitting (new client) $130
  • Physio Bike Fitting (existing client) $90

NDIS physiotherapy:

  • All physiotherapy/reports/equipment requests as per NDIS rate- currently $193.99/hr
  • Mobile NDIS physiotherapy around the Yarra Valley- travel charged at 0.5xNDIS physiotherapy rate
  • At the clinic in Healesville

All physiotherapy consults, appointments, pilates and strength training are claimable through medicare and private health insurance (if applicable).

To enquire or book in contact me!

Custom built Pilates reformers made to order- from $3500

Online services:

Register your interest with me via email or Instagram and I will send you a questionnaire to fill in asking a bit about your past history, current health/injury status, goals etc to give me some background information.

Initial Consult

The initial consult will be online and will include more questions about your injury/health, activity level, treatment you have had or are having etc as well as a physical assessment of your movement, strength and technique. We will then discuss what you want from a rehab and/or coaching program and come to an agreement on what will work best for your lifestyle.

Initial four week program

From the initial consult I will then construct your individualised initial four week training and/or rehab program. This will be sent to you on an online spreadsheet along with links to videos of your exercises as required. 

There is a comment section on your program for you to document your progress, anything you find hard/easy or any problems you are having. I can then make modifications to your program accordingly.

Subsequent four week program

I will write your subsequent four week rehab and/or coaching programs based on your progress and the feedback that you give me from preceding programs. Each four week program will be individualised to you and will be interactive so I can modify it based on your feedback.

Additional consult

If you difficulties with your injury/illness and/or program and you need major modifications made then an additional consult may be warranted. You can request one at any time by contacting me or I will contact you and recommend one if I feel it is necessary.

Evolve Physio and Coaching
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