BSc M.Phys


Bachelor of Science, Masters of Physiotherapy, Certificate IV Nutrition, Pilates and Yoga instructor, Level 1 community athletics coach


Multiple wins and podium positions in trail and road races including 2nd at the New Zealand National Mountain Running championships 2019.

I have also competed at state level in middle and long distance running.

Previous competitive triathlete at sprint distance including gold at the Great Britain junior National Triathlon Relays 2006.


As a youngster I was heavily into horse riding and competed in show jumping and eventing.

These days I love being active outdoors be it running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, swimming, surfing, rock climbing or gardening.

I also enjoy pilates, yoga, strength training, cooking, baking and spending time with my friends and family.

Associated clubs:

Yarra Ranges Athletics Club

Dandenongs Trail Runners

Generation Run

I have always been active- I grew up on a farm in England and was horse mad! All my spare time was spent outside horse riding, running and cycling around the farm, swimming and playing outside with friends. As I grew older my love for the outdoors only increased and I enjoyed trying every sport and outdoor pursuit that I got the opportunity to. This lead to me heading to South Africa after High School to do a one month volunteer nature conservation program. I fell in love with the country and the work and ended up staying for two years studying nature conservation and then working on a game reserve.

Eventually I joined my family in Melbourne and began studying a science degree at Melbourne University with the view of continuing on to Veterinary medicine. Six months into this I sustained an injury and after spending lots of time in physio I decided to redirect my future into a physiotherapy career. I completed my science degree majoring in physiology and anatomy and then did a Masters of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University, with my masters project being on hydrotherapy exercise prescription. During my studies I also trained  and worked casually in Shiatsu massage.

I graduated and began working as a physiotherapist in January 2014. After a very short stint in aged care I began working in private practice and haven't looked back. I have a very strong focus on pilates, strength training and home exercise programs to empower clients to take their health into their own hands and recover quicker. I have undertaken further training in pilates and yoga as well as into the pelvis, lumbar spine, hip and dry needling. I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds with diverse needs and goals.

I have a lot of personal experience with injury and rehab having had several chronic injuries in my teens and twenties and then being diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome, bilateral congenital hip dysplasia and femoral anteversion at age 30. I have now undergone three major hip reconstruction surgeries, several smaller hip surgeries, shoulder stabilisation surgery and bilateral thoracic outlet decompressions. Throughout this time I have continued to stay as fit and strong as possible and rehab exercises are a daily constant!

Despite my anatomical deficiencies and history of injuries I have managed to compete in running and triathlon at a high level. I have had a strong emphasis on strength training and pilates to improve my weaknesses and bring my body into balance and better biomechanics. This along with a fantastic coaching plan for my training enabled me to win and podium at many races despite severe hip dysplasia.
I have finally been able to resume running in 2023 after a 4 year hiatus due to surgeries. It looks quite different now and my left hip and leg unfortunately still have deficits, but I appreciate every moment of being able to move freely outdoors. I continue to work incredibly hard on strengthening and adapting my body through physiotherapy, biomechanics and rehab and am  frequently surpassing the boundaries of what my hips "should" be able to do and achieve. This has included placing second at my first mountain bike race, winning my first two trail running races after 8 hip surgeries, hiking the Cooloola Great Walk and building my own tiny house. 
I refuse to let my physical impairments limit me and prevent me from leading an active and fulfilling life and I hope to help others to be able to maximise their potential and quality of life too.


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