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Online Rehab and Coaching Programs:

I design individualised rehab and coaching programs, to help guide you to your performance goal. If you are injured, returning from injury/illness/pregnancy or just time off I can design a program customised to you to safely get you back to fitness or sport. If you want to embark on a fitness goal or improve your athletic performance I can design a program tailored to your body and your lifestyle.

Whatever your age, ability or athletic goal, I am happy to help.

I am happy to work with any healthcare providers that you are currently seeing. 

This is available as an entirely online service meaning it is available worldwide.

This can also be combined with nutritional advice or a nutritional plan if desired.

NDIS Physiotherapy

I am passionate about improving the function and quality of life of those living with a disability through physiotherapy and targeted rehab exercise. I have experience working with a range of disabilities and I adapt my treatment approach to suit each individual and their goals and needs.

I work with plan and self-managed NDIS participants at the studio in Chum Creek or mobile throughout the Yarra Valley, VIC. I can also offer telehealth rehab where appropriate.

Physiotherapy and Rehab

I offer physiotherapy and rehab for all manner of injuries and conditions. I have a special interest in complex hip pathologies and sporting injuries.

I look at the body as a whole- analysing movement patterns and contributing factors to develop a holistic treatment and rehab plan that will get you back to performing at your best.

I practice out of the studio in Chum Creek, Toolangi Community House and at the Morrisons Reserve Clubhouse

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is a vital tool for improving pain, function and performance and is useful for acute and/or chronic injuries, pain management, sporting performance and more.

Clinical pilates is individualised to you and your needs and each session will be different depending on how you present on the day and your goals for that session/season.

This is offered at the studio in Chum Creek where I have range of customised pilates and strength equipment

Nutrition Advice and Plans

High quality nutrition is essential to enhancing and maintaining health, quality of life and performance. With all the mixed messages in the media it can be hard to know what is and isn't healthy and there isn't a one size fits all approach.

As a Nutritional Advisor I can give you individualised nutrition advice and/or a full diet plan to help you meet your health and/or performance goals. This service is available both online and in person depending on your preference.

Physio Bike Fitting

Does your body adapt to fit the bike or do you change the bike to fit you?! By optimising the ergonomics of your bicycle to cater to your individual structure and function, comfort and efficiency are increased and injury risk is reduced.

This is an in person service involving a detailed history and physical assessment of you on and off the bike as well as measurements and alterations to the bike as necessary.


As a below knee amputee, Lauren has been amazing with adapting exercises and giving me innovative rehab programs to suit my situation. Telehealth consults have actually worked incredibly well. Having Lauren on video-call in my own home means the programs fit the equipment and spaces available to me, so I can do the programs in my own time easily. I've loved working with Lauren. She strikes a great balance of finding out what I'm struggling with, taking me seriously and working with that, while also encouraging me to do more than I thought I could. She really is a Starr, in more than just name!

Zoe Creelman 

Lauren helped me through the process of recovering from a sacral stress fracture over the course of a few months. I had been running about 90km a week for a few months and after a bad race I was suddenly completely crippled. She was the first person I went to for advice and she diagnosed my injury almost immediately, and this was later confirmed by scans. Lauren provided me with an in-depth recovery plan with sets of targetted exercises to facilitate my recovery back to running. 5 months of hard work on the floor of my bedroom improving my strength, and I am now 4 months into my running return and am still injury free. My weekly volume is back to normal and I feel stronger than I did before I was injured. While my pace may not be entirely back to normal, I am loving every single second I am doing it, and without her help I could not have begun running as early as I did. For that I am very grateful to have had Lauren's support, and know that I am in safe hands if I ever do anything drastic to myself again!

Max Savill-Bentley

I spent the majority of my late 20s being very active, running, hiking and spending a lot of time in the gym. I got to my fittest I had ever been and even ran a marathon in New York in late 2015. I loved exercise - the endorphins, the social aspect, and the sense of achievement. Unfortunately around the same time, I did a bad deadlift at the gym and that began a long 3 year slippery slope into serious injury. 

In early 2019, after years of short term acute back episodes, inconsistency with my training and weeks of 24/7 neural pain, I was diagnosed with a disc extrusion at L5/S1 and underwent a discectomy. 12 months of rehab later I still had neural symptoms down my left side and had given up on the idea of running as every time I tried my calves would cramp and my back stiffen. All I wanted was to be able to do the things I loved - run, strength work and go adventuring on trails. 

In the January of 2020, I was doing light kettlebell swings at the gym and on the third last rep I felt my back go again and I was right back to where I had started 12 months earlier. Luckily this time my disc injury wasn't classified as an extrusion but a slightly less serious protrusion and it was decided that another surgery wasn't the right plan. We instead chose a more traditional rehab program with physio and pilates, I found a gym that specialises in strength and conditioning programs for back injury rehabilitation and after months of hard work I was finally neural symptom free for the first time in 5 years. It was only then that I was confident enough to give running another try. I started in the June of 2020 with 30sec running intervals and by November I ran 10km in one go. The best part - I was completely pain free. The only negative, was that I was still really tentative to do any body weight or at home strength training. It was at this point that I knew I wanted to and could start improving my running and fitness but I didn't know where to go to from here. 

That's when I contacted Lauren from Evolve Rehab and Coaching. As a friend she knew my history, but I knew that as a coach she could help me take that next step to full fitness with confidence. Since I've been working with Lauren all my running times have improved, my strength has improved, my balance and coordination have improved and my confidence with exercise and general body movements have improved. Her programming makes sure I get the most out of every session and it is always moulded around events and races that I have as goals as well as crazy adventures that I often have planned. The biggest benefit of having Lauren as my coach is that she can combine her expertise as a physio with her experience as a runner to ensure that my programming not only helps me achieve my running goals but also makes sure my back rehabilitation stays on track. So many people who go through a surgery or long term injury find it difficult to know what to do or how to return to exercise safely. Surgeons are great at surgery, physios great at basic rehab protocol and running coaches are great at running programming. But Lauren helps to bridge the gap and make sure that I have a holistic program that continues to focus on mobility and muscular strengthening as well as getting faster running times. This has been evident again recently after I underwent a planned laparotomy and had six weeks without any strenuous exercise. At the end of the six weeks I got clearance from my surgeon to start running and strength work, however Lauren made sure to check my stomach contractions and general core bracing herself before prescribing me any exercises. She also stripped the programming right back to re-build my core strength after such invasive surgery. It's little things like this that make me so confident I am going in the right direction by working with Lauren. I am so grateful for Lauren's guidance and support at this next stage of my return from injury. She is constantly available for me to ask questions and to listen to my feedback. She makes my programming easy to understand and follow with online access and a full video library of every exercise. The resources and her guidance have been so great that I now confidently do weight training independently in my gym at home. Today my disc is now categorised as a bulge and my body is in the latter stages of reabsorbing the disc back into a more normal position. I have no movement limitations, no neural pain, I run four times per week, strength training four times per week, I swim, hike, bike and climb mountains for fun whenever I have the spare time. So much of this physical and mental improvement is due to the help Lauren has given me. I can't recommend Lauren more highly and I know I wouldn't be back to the level of fitness I am now without her!

Kelly Thomas

I have been running for years but have always been riddled with chronic injuries which consequently have negatively impacted my performance.

3 months ago, my mild left hip dysplasia stopped me running due to pain. I have never been great with sticking to a rehab plan and therefore has been a reason why my chronic injury issues remain sub-optimally managed. Lauren is a great friend of mine, fellow runner and is my physio. She has always supported me over the years despite my fluctuant adherance to rehab exercises. However, after being frustrated with yet another injury set back, I was 100% committed to making big and sustainable changes.
Lauren and I collaborated extensively on my sporting goals for returning to competing in running and triathlon events. Lauren developed an amazing incremental training program, provided extensive rehab exercises and recommendations for best managing my mild left hip dysplasia as well as provided high quality physiotherapy sessions. I completed her training and rehab programs diligently. When minor injuries arose, Lauren was able to assist me in effectively treating and managing these road bumps. At large, I have been able to train pain free for the first time in a very long time!
On the 28th November 2021, I completed my first proper competitive sprint triathlon. Incredibly, I performed much better than I anticipated in placing 3rd in the open female category. I truly credit my achievement and performance to all Lauren's help. I am so grateful to have a best friend, coach and physio as inspirational and highly experienced as Lauren.
If you need an excellent physiotherapist for any sporting injury, then look no further as I highly recommend Lauren.
Georgia Brock

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