Physio and Coaching

Physiotherapy, Rehab, Clinical Pilates and Strength training, Running and Fitness Coaching, Bike Fitting, Sports Nutrition Advice and Plans

Physiotherapy and Rehab

I offer physiotherapy and rehab for all manner of injuries and conditions. I have a special interest in complex hip pathologies and sporting injuries.

I look at the body as a whole- analysing movement patterns and contributing factors to develop a holistic treatment and rehab plan that will get you back to performing at your best.

I practice at the clinic in Healesville on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and at the Morrison Reserve Clubhouse on Tuesday evenings.

NDIS Physiotherapy

I am passionate about improving the function and quality of life of those living with a disability through physiotherapy and targeted rehab exercise. I have experience working with a range of disabilities and I adapt my treatment approach to suit each individual and their goals and needs.

I am a verified NDIS provider and offer physiotherapy at the clinic in Healesville or mobile throughout the Yarra Valley, VIC. I can also offer telehealth rehab where appropriate.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates is a vital tool for improving pain, function and performance and is useful for acute and/or chronic injuries, pain management, sporting performance and more.

Clinical pilates is individualised to you and your needs and each session will be different depending on how you present on the day and your goals for that session/season.

This is offered at the clinic in Healesville

Nutrition Advice and Plans

High quality nutrition is essential to enhancing and maintaining health, quality of life and performance. With all the mixed messages in the media it can be hard to know what is and isn't healthy and there isn't a one size fits all approach.

As a Nutritional Advisor I can give you individualised nutrition advice and/or a full diet plan to help you meet your health and/or performance goals. This service is available both online and in person depending on your preference.

Physio Bike Fitting

Does your body adapt to fit the bike or do you change the bike to fit you?! By optimising the ergonomics of your bicycle to cater to your individual structure and function, comfort and efficiency are increased and injury risk is reduced.

This is an in person service involving a detailed history and physical assessment of you on and off the bike as well as measurements and alterations to the bike as necessary.

Online Rehab and Coaching Programs:

I design individualised rehab and coaching programs, to help guide you to your performance goal. If you are injured, returning from injury/illness/pregnancy or just time off I can design a program customised to you to safely get you back to fitness or sport. If you want to embark on a fitness goal or improve your athletic performance I can design a program tailored to your body and your lifestyle.

Whatever your age, ability or athletic goal, I am happy to help.

I am happy to work with any healthcare providers that you are currently seeing. 

This is available as an entirely online service meaning it is available worldwide.

This can also be combined with nutritional advice or a nutritional plan if desired.

Evolve Physio and Coaching
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